Welcome to Foundation Stage 2

In F2 we continue working through the Early years foundation curriculum with Reading being the heart of how we plan for our individual learners. We encourage the children to solve problems, set challenges and explore ideas through play. The children have time to learn new skills in adult led activities which model and demonstrate, they can then consolidate their learning through child initiated play.

Current learning

Handa’s Surprise is a story which is taking our children on an adventure to Africa. We will be tasting fruits, making a fruit salad, writing postcards, creating tally charts of our favourite fruits and looking at the different animals. The story allows us to compare different environments and learn about different cultures.

The World cup is providing an opportunity to look at different countries, can we find them on the globe? Can we recognise the team colours? This adds to our active term as we prepare for sports day.


Tuesday Change Reading Book
Wednesday PE/Library
Friday Tokens/Star of the Week