Year 1 & 2

Welcome to KS1

In Year 1 and 2 we like to make learning as active and engaging as possible. Exploring the curriculum through exciting topics prompts us to answer interesting questions and ask our own.

Current learning
Our current topic is ‘Land Ahoy’. As mathematicians we will answer pirate problem solving and reasoning questions. We are looking in depth at the four operations: addition, subtraction, division and multiplication, missing number problems and doubles and halves. As readers and writers we will be exposed to lots of pirate stories and information books. The rich vocabulary, punctuation and images in these stories will help inform: fact file, recount and instruction writing. We will also have opportunities to: discover which objects can float and sink, find Pirate Pete’s missing treasure using algorithms, explore compasses, create our own treasure maps and paint ships using mixed media.

Tuesday PE
Thursday Big maths. Homework due in.
Friday Homework sent home