Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

By: Grace and Annabel

Last week Y5/Y6’s went to the Doncaster College to see Alice in Wonderland; the children went on Public Transport to get there and back.

The children were very excited for the road trip ahead of them, they were going to see Alice in Wonderland being performed at the Doncaster College in town. It was performed by the students that go there. They turned it into a musical where they had lots of singing and dancing. Their performance had a bit of a twist and in the end it turned out that Alice had been to Wonderland in her dreams so she didn’t actually go through the rabbit hole instead it was all a dream.

The opening scene was when Alice and her sister were in bed and Alice woke up screaming that there was a cat and a garden full of flowers dancing with her.

My favourite bit was when the Mad Hatter came on with tables and claimed it was tea time I found it funny because he kept dancing round with another rabbit ,not the one that claims they are late, and started to sing “a very merry Unbirthday to us!”

The most dramatic scene was when the queen started to scream really loud “OFF WITH HER HEAD!” This was dramatic because she and her guards started chasing Alice round the floor.

Finally the last scene was about them back in bed and Alice woke up screaming again and her sister told her it was all just a dream and to go back to sleep. Jasmine says “My favourite part was when Alice goes into the garden and starts singing and dancing with the flowers.”