Cross Country Tournament

Cross Country Tournament
By: Grace, Megan and Annabel

Hawthorn Primary School took eight of their fastest y5/y6 pupils to a Cross Country tournament at the Keepmoat stadium on the 11th October 2018, the eight children tried their level best. The eight lucky children were: Annabel, Liwia, Megan, Grace, Christopher, Thomas, Alan and Terence. The children ran 1.6 miles. They had to run up a hill, down the hill, around the hill twice WOWZA!

One man, asked one of our reddest members “Do you need to stop? You look as red as your T-shirt!” She replied “It’s normal for me.” Once the children had ran, they had to collect a ticket with a number on telling them what place they came. Liwia was the first girl finished with a brilliant place of 13th out of 108 girls. Second finished Megan with a score of 23rd, out was Annabel with 60th place, last but not least was Grace with a score of 67th place. Unlucky for Annabel she forgot to take a ticket so she ended up having to take a random ticket and the ticket was the 92nd place. The boy’s places were: Terence had 65th, next was Thomas with 77th, next was Christopher with 82nd last but not least was Alan with 89th. Everyone did very well.

At the start of the race, everyone was rushing to the starting line. When the whistle went everyone charged forward, some even fell over. The girls over all had an amazing place of 12th. The boys came a terrific 15th. There were a hundred schools all participating in the same race.

All the children would like to go again Grace said “It was hard work but I would l would love to go again!”