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Doncaster Rovers Club Foundation

Doncaster Rovers visits

Doncaster Rovers have been coming to Hawthorn to give PE lessons and running after school clubs with all different year groups.

In KS1 they have been coaching year one and two in PE lessons. The children have relished a series of fun invasion games: tig, shark attack, domes and dishes and splat; and it’s helped them to develop spatial awareness and team building skills. These games have also helped with the children’s mathematical abilities because they added up their team scores by themselves.

In KS2 they have been running a lunch time and after school football club. The children who have been attending these sessions have thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Again Doncaster Rovers have helped with teamwork skills by enabling children to work together playing group matches.

We are hoping in the close future that Doncaster Rovers will do a few more activities with us and we’re really looking forward to it!