Gardening Club

Gardening Club takes place on a Wednesday at 3:00pm until 4:00pm. Recently we have been making hanging baskets and planting plants around the main office. We have made the full moon baskets hanging on either side of the door. They look stunning! They give the office a peaceful atmosphere.

The plants we used were pansies and lobelia. Then we used florescent coloured plants to decorate the planting area closest to the KS1 playground and placed the half-moon basket on the wall. Everyone who has seen them so far has commented. A pupil said, “I think they make it look a nice cheerful place, my favourite plant was the pink geranium.”

The first week we started we got straight into it and planted some tomatoes in the greenhouse they were really easy to grow.  We put plant pots in the middle of the plants so that when we come to watering it they do not drown.

This year Gardening Club was for children who were really interested in the outside area, hopefully next year’s gardening club will be as much fun.

By Tegan and Grace