Pirate Day!

Year 1 and 2 had so much fun on Pirate Day!!!

We met a pirate called Catherine and she told us lots of amazing facts about pirates. We learnt about: food, clothing, weapons, ships, real pirates and what it was like to be a pirate. She even told us a gross fact about pirates having to tap their biscuits on the table before they ate them, so all the little weevils could run out! Bleurghhhh!

Catherine challenged us to think about some pirate objects on our tables (see photos). She asked us to decide which materials they were made from and what they might be used for. We enjoyed holding them and drawing them. Some of us even held a muskett and cutlass!

Throughout the day we also wrote about what you would need to be a pirate. We are experts now because Catherine told us all about it. We were also able to use our own ideas to make a: ship, hat or eye-patch out of various materials. Everybody had their own fantastic ideas and we made some great pirate objects. Look out for them on display in the near future!