Play Leaders

Play leaders are a group of Y5/6 children that help out at dinner times by organising games in KS1 and KS2. Play leaders help by leading games to get children fit in a fun way. All children love a bit of competition! We improve lunch times by helping children; when a child is upset we give them comfort and involve them in the games we bring out. If a child is lonely we find them a friend to play with .The aim of play leaders is to get people fit and healthy, teach them to be a good sportsman and make our playgrounds fun.


To be a play leader you need to have special training. A lady called Miss Belk came in and taught us lots of games to play. It was extremely fun! We played games such as sly fox, traffic lights, beat the ball and many more. A few weeks ago we went on a play leader trip at the English Institute of Sport. We met other play leaders from different schools. First, we were taught new games. Next, we changed games a few times then it was dinner. After, we were mixed up with other schools and practiced being a play leader.


Here are some quotes of Year 1 and Year 2 children:

“I like play leaders because they are helpful and make me happy,” a little boy said.

A girl says happily “I like the games they play!”

Play leaders enjoy their role, one said,

“I like being a play leader because I like entertaining people,”

“I love helping people, making them happy and including everybody,” reported another play leader.


By Megan and Jasmine.