Sports Day

During the last week of June Hawthorn Primary had its sports day. On Tuesday 26th of June KS2 had theirs. They all did splendidly, as some of you were there to witness. Everyone who took part did their level best. On Wednesday it was the early years Sports Day, and to say some of them are only 2 years old they were brilliant. Every single one did really well and had fun. Last of all on Thursday there was the KS1 Sports Day and they did super.

My personal favourite event was egg and spoon but they were all really good and enjoyable. The certificates for the events were given out on the Thursday after sports day. Mr Godley handed out certificates and medals in assembly and praised us all Everyone received a medal for participation and for trying their best; the children were delighted with them.

Thank You

Mr Godley for organising sports day.

Mr McMahon for helping with setting up seating and the layout.

Sports leaders for leading large groups of children around the events at sports day.

And a big thank you to everyone else who helped out and made sports possible.


By Tegan and Grace