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The Christmas Journey

The Christmas Journey

KS1 and Reception were treated to a Christmas journey around school to learn about the very first Christmas when Jesus was born. Doncaster School Work Trust (D.S.W.T) and volunteers from Bessacarr Evangelical Church (B.E.C) came in and provided this wonderful, interactive experience for the younger children.

After the five different activities India said “I liked when we held candles because they were all sparkly,”

Riley said “I liked getting the passports, because I liked putting the stickers on them”.

Miss Dance (a new reception teacher) said “I liked going to see the Shepherds it was mysterious when I went in. I was a bit frightened at first but once I was in and settled I was very comfortable.” Most of the children said that they liked the Shepherds room the best but some children did say they liked the advent room, which was the first room the pupils went in. Some of the things the students said they will remember forever are that the Shepherds left their sheep, baby Jesus was born in a stable and the kings went to see the new born king (baby Jesus).

What the children have learnt:

They have learnt that Joseph was a carpenter. The birth of Jesus was so special that the Shepherds left there sheep which meant that they broke the only Shepherds rule “do not leave your sheep on the hillside by themselves”. Mary had a baby in a stable and put him in a manger with animal food in it.