Years 1 & 2 Problem Solving

Key Stage One had a fun day solving problems linked to maths.

Children in Year One were given lots of practical opportunities to explore capacity. They used: water, pasta, cubes and beads, to fill various containers and discover the different volumes they could hold. Many of the children used a cup to measure the capacity of different jugs and used blocks to explain their reasoning when ordering capactiy.

In the afternoon the Year One children had a juice challenge! Working as a team they followed a recipe to make a fruit juice drink. They applied their knowledge of capacity so that they could complete the instructions. At the end, they decided what they might change if they made the drink again (the tomato juice seemed to be an acquired taste!).

Year Two had fun solving maths problems. To start with they found ways to make different numbers through: addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. They also completed challenge questions linked to this. The ‘Calculation Collector Challenge’ got children thinking about which calculations to use. Along with this they completed number sentences and word problems, explaining the reasons for their answers as they went. Easter problems made the day even more egg-citing!